St. Francis Church News

Sunday August 4 was the Tenth Sunday after Trinity.  Bishop Hartley based his sermon on the Epistle for the day, 1st Corinthians 12:1 “Concerning spiritual gifts, brethern, I would not have you ignorant.”  In this passage St. Paul discusses the theme of knowing who we are in relation to God & to the world, & what it means to be a Christian.  There was dissention in the church at Corinth on the meaning of spiritual gifts & Paul enumerates these–wisdom, knowledge, healing & prophecy–& insists that the essential unity of the church is not uniformity.

During the service Bishop Hartley took time to bless a St. Christopher medal that has been given to Lincoln Connell by his girlfriend Hannah, & Lincoln wanted it blessed before his parents take it to him later this month at West Point where he is undergoing basic training as a new cadet at the U.S. Military Academy there before starting classes in the Fall.  I had a nice letter from Lincoln this past week in which he says he is exhausted from the exertion of basic training & gets homesick, but that is to be expected & he is happy to be doing what he has dreamed of for years.

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