St. Francis Church

Sunday August 11 was the Eleventh Sunday after Trinity.  Bishop Hartley based his sermon on the Gospel for the day, St. Luke 18:9, one of the shortest and simplest parables of Jesus in which he compares two people, a Pharisee and a publican and their approaches to God: the Pharisee is arrogant and the publican humble.  The Pharisee sees himself as separate from others in his superiority but the publican sees himself as a sinner needing forgiveness.  This parable shows us how we are to approach God: with the humility of the publican and the ultimate example of humility in Jesus.  That salvation is the gift of God is the root of the Christian religion.

Last Thursday I drove to Springfield and met Chandler Connell at his apartment then we went to the Springfield Art Museum to view the watercolor exhibit.  This show is an annual event at the museum that draws watercolor artists from all over the country in an excellent display of paintings and this year’s show is no exception.  I look forward to this show every summer and never miss it.  The Springfield Art Museum is another fine cultural resource we have in the Ozarks.  After the museum we had dinner at Gilardi’s Restaurant.

Services at St. Francis Anglican (Traditional Episcopal) Church are 10:30 Sunday mornings and 6:30 Wednesday evenings.  For information visit our website,