The Praise Team did a wonderful job of singing and leading in song. It was good to see Shelden Walker back with the group, even if only for a short time.

Brother Roberts brought the message from Matthew 26:6-13, “Breaking the Alabaster Box.”

Several in the community are still ailing so continue to pray for them.

We are looking forward to having Wayne Coy to minister to us in song next Sunday morning in both the early and second service. You will surely miss a blessing if you don’t come and hear him.

Remember that youth service begins again next week on Wednesday.

We have really been blessed this week with more volunteer help with fixing up our house. My brother and sis, Vern and Kathleen, Noah Deatherage and friend, CR Klinner, have spent several days painting, removing old siding, installing new siding and then painting the house. Also, in the meantime having to replace an outside faucet that was bad.

Kathleen and I have kept the workers fed to keep up their strength.

Kathleen Deatherage and I took the day and went to Mansfield where we did some cleaning for my mom, Nora Hunsaker, then we went to my sister, Helen Cook and husband’s for lunch and a visit.

On Monday, Donna Bannister, Delmar and I went to Ozark where we visited with Stacie, Mahayla, Miley and Lucas Hamby, Rhonda Slayden and Becky Carter. We bought a new couch while there.

On Saturday Nora Hunsaker and Lee Williams came down and brought a cantaloupe to share.

Remember, love is not love until you give it away.