Sunday morning service was blessed with the Praise Team leading us in several beautiful praise songs.

Sister Tillie Fowler brought the special song.

Brother  Roberts brought the message from James 2: 14-26, “Real Faith vs. False Faith.”

Sunday night was our 4th Sunday singing and we enjoyed specials and some good testimonies.

We have surely been blessed with some much needed moisture lately. The grass and garden plants have started to perk up and look better and the grass is soon to be mowed. Maybe the farmers will get another good cutting of hay before winter.

Delmar and I and Earnie and Helen Cook were visitors with Nora Hunsaker and Lee Williams one day last week and Delmar and I ate supper with them too.

We have been busy and have kept my brother and sis busy this week too with having sewer problems.

On Monday, Delmar and I rode to Ozark with Donna Bannister and when we got home, my brother and sis, Vern and Kathleen Deatherage, were here putting up new shutters he had made for our windows. We were surprised because I had told Delmar just a day before that I would like to have shutters for the windows. We appreciate it, Bro. and Sis.

We had several visitors this week and one day I rode to McDonald’s for burgers with Stacie, Lexie, Mahayla, Miley and Lucas Hamby. I sure miss living close to them.

My mom talked to Betty Deatherage and Max Singleton who both live in Washington. They are doing pretty good.

Until next week just be healthy, happy and considerate of others.