Secretary of State’s Office Reminds Businesses about Statutory Changes

JEFFERSON CITY — Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander is reminding businesses about changes in the law regarding LLC filings, as well as secured transactions under the Uniform Commercial Code. The new laws, HB 510 and HB 212, took effect today.

Under HB 510, LLC owners can now file series LLCs. Missouri business owners can take advantage of this new business entity by filing with the secretary of state’s office.

Additionally, because of changes in HB 212, new forms for Uniform Commercial Code transactions will replace previous ones. The new forms are now available through the Business Services Division of Kander’s office, though the old forms will continue to be accepted through Monday, September 30, 2013.

For more information or for new forms, individuals and businesses can contact Kander’s office toll free at (866) 223-6535.