Since I didn’t plant any flowers this spring, I have plenty of wild ones at the edge of the yard and driveway going out to the road. God does supply all our needs and some time our wants.

Norma Cross and Kenny and Seth Hunt, went to Claremore, OK. after church Sunday. They visited with sisters, Georgia Sanders and Sue Johnson and other friends and relatives. They came home Tuesday.

Freeda Richards was at the Healthcare Center Thursday to wish her sister, Lenore Burton, a Happy 90th Birthday. Sounds like she had lots of family and friends stop by. She is hoping to get to go home soon.

I ran into Helen Godwin, Friday at the Ava Therapy Clinic. She has had several treatments. I just started Wednesday.

There are some honest people left in this world, my nephew, Kenny Hunt, was on T Highway a couple of weeks ago when he saw something laying in the road as he drove by. He turned around and went back as he stopped he saw that it was a billfold. It had money and credit cards, but no name. He found a card with the Seymour Bank on it. He called the number of course and they wouldn’t give him a name. Kenny asked them if they would call him to tell them he had something that belonged to him. Kenny gave them his number, a short time later, the owner of the billfold showed up. He was a happy man. He gave Kenny a reward. Just how many people would have gone to that much trouble to find the owner, or just kept it.

There was a reception held at Goodhope General Baptist Church Saturday for Matthew and Holly Jenkins. They were married in Florida a few weeks ago. There was lots of good food and many came out to wish them many blessings.

They took Larry Clayton to the hospital Thursday. He will be there for several days.

We just now received word that Jerry Hall passed away. He has been in the Forsyth nursing home since his stroke several weeks ago.

I went home with Freeda Richards after church Sunday. She had made chicken and dumplings. They were very good.

Donnie Rasch’s family managed to surprise him Sunday at 2 o’clock in the dining hall at Goodhope General Baptist Church. I think they did a good job surprising him, the hall was full of his family and friends. Cake and ice cream and punch was served.

Psalm 1:6, “For the Lord knoweth the way of the righteous; but the way of the ungodly shall perish.”