Rock Chapel Freewill Baptist Church

The prayer lists are long in all churches – today’s bulletin and requests are:  SERVICE-Carry Gates, Mr. and Mrs. Steven Gates, Tyler and Weston McIntosh, Leslie Anderson, Brian Brewer; HEALTH- Imogene Williams, Sue Lathrom, Sue Hefner, Jack Lawler, Amber Junge, Ellen Buttram, Jerry Lee, Ernie Dobson, Paul McIntosh, Ken Northcutt, Paul Johnson, Joyce Mitchell, Dwight Smith, Marta Honeycutt, Sharon Marler, Shelbi Moore, Dalton Shannon, Brenda Mitchner, Jimmie Marler’s brother in law-Bill Haney, Leo Coy, Ronnie Atchison, Lola and Roy Dennis, Lois’ Flageolle’s niece, Darrell Price, Eual Carter, and Rebecca Peterson.  Birthday:  Victor Mills.

The choir did the special as well as the Children’s Special with Helen. Sharon Renfrow and  Jamie Guilliams also did specials. Helen Batten did Children’s Church.

UPCOMING EVENTS:  August 24- Women’s Conference in Hartville 8 a.m.  August 25-Kick-Off Lunch for new Sunday School Program. September 5- Men’s Fellowship Breakfast 7 a.m.  September 8- Grandparent’s Breakfast 10 a.m. (bring pictures of your grandchildren).  September 14- Saturday Men’s Activity.   September 29- 75th Anniversary of Rock Chapel with Gary Mitchner (former pastor) speaking, memories, and noon meal- no evening services.  Rock Chapel Church was started September 24, 1938.

Bro. Rick’s Sermon:  Psalm 103: 1-10.  “Praise the Lord”.  Bro. Rick told about his new safari hat and his exchange to African money for an example on finding a better deal.  He said he hasn’t found a better deal than trusting Jesus.  Since he has accepted Jesus there has been so much more in life.  Through Jesus you can be successful; you will get blessings above and beyond; he will trade life for death and give life more abundantly; we will receive the good life (we will know how to share with others and to love one another); we will receive forgiveness from the Lord and in return forgive others; he will help us deal with life’s problems and help us get rid of stress, etc.  He gave another good example about practicing patience in the hospital.  We should learn to give of our time and be patient with others, even when we are in a hurry.  He ended by saying, “The Price Tag is not that Big to Serve the Lord.  We will get a Wonderful Deal when we Serve the Lord”.

Questions:  Rick Batten 683-5657 or 417-250-0918.