Rainbow Ridge News

When you look around the neighborhood here, you see lots of green grass. One month ago the predominate lawn color was brown with just a bit of green showing through. The dust blew up when the lawn mower moved over the lawn to smooth out a few uneven places. Norma Stillings would drag out the water hose and water the garden and the flowerbeds in hopes that rain would come before the plants all burned up. And then the rains came, lots of rain. Some of the tomatoes split their skins, but it seems that every plant is thriving now. Several “Surprise Lilies” pushed up through the other plants in the front flower bed just to show what the blooming season is not finished.

Jewell Johnson still has the support of her family as can be seen every day. Noon and evening, one or two vehicles arrive and if you are watching you will see a couple of fellows carrying in what looks to be food.

Norma Stillings made visits last week to Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center, Tuesday and Saturday and to Ava Place on Thursday to visit with residents and to sing a bit. She made a trip to Springfield for a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday, and exercised at the Physical Therapy Clinic a couple of mornings. Norma started doing regular work outs after having therapy to relieve back pain and is a confirmed believer in a good fitness program. It is interesting to look around and see that most of the people she sees working out, are in their 60’s and 70’s. Monday afternoon she took her friend, Paulette Walls, grocery shopping and managed to get wet in a hard downpour even with an umbrella over her head.