Quad Cities

8-25-13. I think it’s the 25th. I’ve got six more days left to get everything out of the house. Plus I gave the landlord another $40.00 to buy one more week after that. A lot going on, except just my moving. Jared (grandson) has got next Wednesday and Thursday off from work and he was going to take a load of items to Iowa City in his pickup for me. Then he sent a message that the transmission was slipping and he has to put it in the garage on Wednesday. Of course he doesn’t know how long it will take to fix it.

On Friday we’re going to the Cities to “sit” with the pets for Candi and Jarred while they go some place for a couple of days. We plan to come back Monday and go to Lisa’s (granddaughter) house in Fruitland, Iowa for great-granddaughter, Zoie’s birthday party. It’s so hard to realize she will be 12 years old. I sure do miss her helping me with the moving since school has started. It keeps us busy hauling things in and out fro mthe apartment here. I don’t have time to sort it out down there at the house. So I sort it out after we get it up here and most of it gets sent out again. Today we brought two big tote bags full of cassetts that belonged to Jeff and me both. I sorted through them, but too many I want to keep, so I”ll have to sort them again. I’m gonna take them to Frank Dee Allison when we go Friday and what he doesn’t want he will take to Goodwill. So we will get to see him while we’re there. Walt and Dee’s brother-in-law, Ron Hipkins died a few months ago. He was their sister, Cora’s husband. Then we got word today that his brother, Raymond, passed away in Kentucky and we heard that his wife and ex-wife both have cancer. We also heard that Raymond’s daughter who lives in Colona, Illinois has cancer too. So that family needs lots of prayers. I really feel deeply for them.

To my friends, family and anyone who want to give me some news – I have “moved on up” to town. My new address and phone number are: Martha Faye Twitty, 716 W. 9th St. Apt. 2, Tipton, Iowa 52722-1463. Phone: 563-272-1920.

So call, write or both and give me some news, please. People are probably tired of hearing about my moving all the time. I’m getting tired of it too.

We’re going to head out early in the morning and go to the house and get a car load of whatever we can haul and head for Iowa City. So take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.