Quad Cities

8-11-13. Goodness gracious, for someone who hates to move as bad as I do, I sure have been doing a lot of it the past couple of weeks and still not through. We’ve had a lot of good help. We couldn’t have done it without them. Walt’s daughter, Berta and my daughter, Anita, came two or three days and practically packed everything except for the things I had already packed. Anita brought her car, her dad, Trevis, brought his pickup and Berta brought her car and of course, our little car and we hauled two loads a day for two days. Then grandson, Jared, rented a U-Haul in Muscatine and we put furniture in it, but all he could get was a real big truck and it wasn’t even half full. Walt and I are still going back and forth working down there and feeding the little hummingbirds and still sorting through things. I’m sorting things to take to Goodwill and Houseworks, the consignment store in Iowa City and some things I’m gonna give to my family. We gave Trevis the Gold Finch feeders to put up outside his apartment window. He’s been seeing some birds out there. I’m going to keep the newest hummingbird feeder to use here next year and the little bird house Candi gave us that looks like a little red barn. The wrens have built in it and had their babies for three years. It’s on the porch where we can watch them. One day three babies had their little heads sticking out the little hole the birds use for the door and soon after that they left the house.

Then there’s another little house hanging on the porch and I think it’s just supposed to be for decoration, but has openings in it and some more wrens built in it and I’ve been seeing them taking little worms to it. So there were two sets of baby wrens hatched out on the porch this year. That’s the only thing I dislike about moving is leaving our “pets” and flowers. The Naked Ladies are bloomed now and beautiful as ever and the Birgomot is in full bloom. The Japanese Beetles and the Morning Glories just about killed the roses while I was sick. There’s one new shoot up now and I’m gonna try to save it and try to dig it up and put it in a big pot to sit outside the apartment. Maybe my Naked Ladies too. Needless to say, we can’t find anything now, but we’re gradually finding the most important things. I couldn’t find anything before either. When Jared came with the U-Haul Anita, Carrie, Zoie and Jacob came too. They have been getting the job done so good and seemingly easy. We’ve been giving them some things and plan to give them more if they will take them. When they emptied the U-Haul here I gave them a couple pieces of furniture I thought I didn’t need and sent a few back to unload at the farmhouse and we all went back down there and I had given my washer and dryer to Anita so they took them on back with them. I was really glad she took them because they were both good heavy duty machines. They are Roper made by Whirlpool. The laundry room is right next to us here and the mailboxes just past them. It’s all inside the building so we don’t have to go outside to get mail or do laundry when the weather is bad. There’s three buildings here and we’re in the one in the middle on the ground floor. There’s four apartments down and four above in each building. So there’s 24 all together. Everyone’s relly friendly and made us feel welcome right from the start. We just have to pay electric and rent and there’s a small garbage fee added to the electric. We don’t have to pay for water and it is so good. We can’t tell the difference between it and bottled water. It will be good to quit buying water in jugs and bottles. Everything really is electric so there’s no gas bills. I like that. I don’t like gas. It’s too dangerous. You know, I thought I was going to miss the farm, but all I feel now is complete relief. It’s so much nicer here. The breeze in the evening is so fresh and cool. No smells at all. There was always smells before. It’s a wonder I didn’t kill us with all the air freshners I used. I had one of those automatic sprayers in each room. Now all I’m gonna have is one spray can in the bathroom to use “when needed.” And it’s so quiet around here. You’d never know there were 24 apartments here. This is gonna be so good for us. No more bats falling from the hole in the ceiling and getting on my leg (on my sock). Hopefully no mice and of course, a guy come by and sprays once a month so if a fly or something gets in here it dies. I’ve got a lot of people to call to change my address and other things. I called the phone company and it took about an hour to get through and then about 30 minutes with the woman trying to get me to stay with them. I had been thinking of having it disconnected anyway, but when I called it took me about a hour of listening to that awful music they play and half an hour for the woman in Georgia to talk me into staying with them. She said they would lower my rate, but by the time she got through adding things on it was exactly the same as what I pay now, plus a $29.99 fee to move it up here, so after I talked to the cable co. I decided I needed to have television more than I needed that phone I seldom use anyway. I always use my cell. So I called the phone company again and sat for a hour listening to that stupid music they play, then spent another 30 minutes trying to convince a woman in North Carolina that I wanted to cancel my phone service. She kept giving me all the reasons I should keep it and I kept telling her I had to cut corners and it was either that or no television at all. I finally told her it was like John Wayne said, “A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do” and I’ve gotta do what I’ve gotta do. She said I’d been a good customers and they didn’t want to lose me and I told her I’ve always sent the payment to them just as quick as I got the statement and I didn’t want to get something I couldn’t pay for because I’m not that way. And I only use it around two or three times a month to all the pharamacy to order my drugs.” The rest of the time was answering calls I didn’t want to get. Even if I thell them I’m on the “no call” list. Of course they do it with the recordings anymore so you can’t talk to them anyway. All these places you have to call or go to and change everything. So far I’ve called the “Quad Cities Times” for a change of address. They said my paper would be in front of the door this morning, but it’s 8:45 A.M. and I haven’t seen it yet. It’s probably hanging on the mailbox at the other place. We’re going back down there tomorrow so I will see. Well, guess what? I can’t call out on my cell phone inside the apartment so I have to go outside to send a text (or call), but I can get texts in here. So I always tell the kids I climb a big tree out here to answer them. Like on “Green Acres.” Ha. They get a big laugh out of that.

I’ve got to get busy and back to work tomorrow and get mail changed, get name on my box, call my junk man and see if he wants to come and get a big outside antenna that he gave me, some big iron steps with a rail and several more things, actually a lot of things. I think he will be very pleased to get them and go to lots of places and people to inform them of my move and new address. We are gonna go to the Quad Cities Area Tuesday and I’ll stop by the electric company in Wilton and pay my bill and tell them to shut off the power there and change my address for when they send me my final bill. They have a big picnic in September each year and give us checks for our share of what’s left over after their operating costs so it may be enough to pay my bill. We’re suppose to meet Frank Dee Allison in Silvis Tuesday and I’m going to take a lot of movies to him. Some I’ve watched and some I never will get around to watching. It’s been a chore moving, but at least we got to be with family.

We love it here and the only thing I miss is the little birds, chipmunks, ground squirrels and flowers and I kinda miss the horses, but this is so much better. This will be boring to some people I guess, but it’s all I know. Maybe I’ll get some new news Tuesday. Oh yes, Candi and Jared were riding their motorcycles to Iowa City yesterday and stopped me asking for directions and I had to keep going outside to answer her. I didn’t tell Walt they were coming so when they got outside the door she called him on the phone and while he was talking to her on the phone I let them in. Man was he surprised.