Quad Cities

7-29-13. Here it is a nice cool sunny day. Just beautiful!

Thank you God! It’s perfect weather to move in. We are going to Tipton today and see if we can start moving into the apartment. I certainly hope so. Time is going by and we’re not getting anything done except I have been going through things and getting some ready to take to Goodwill and Houseworks.

Daughter, Anita and great granddaughter, Zoie, came out here last Wednesday and helped me. I also gave them some things and we took them to Tipton and showed them the apartments and ate lunch at Pizza Hut. It’s hard on my family to see me have to leave this place too. They’re taking it pretty hard too. All of us have a lot of good memories in the twenty years I lived in this location here. Like a few years ago when we had a campfire out here in the front yard, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, playing guitar and singing. We had a big wooden box with wood in it and sat everything on it. The horses were standing around as close as they could get to us. They were reaching their heads over the fence and nuzzeling Zoie on her back and she was laughing. One time she was sitting on a lawn chair and one reached over and nuzzled her and turned the chair over, but it didn’t hurt her. Then all of the sudden the big red horse named Bandit reached over and grabbed a loaf of bread and took off running with it. All of us laughed at that and a lot of other things. We were talking about all the funny things that happened since we lived here. So many many memories. I told Anita when it will really sink in and hurt for me is when the last load of my things go outta here. Boohoo. But I keep telling myself it’s time to go. Thank goodness I do have all my pictures of the birds, animals, flowers, big snows, my little cockapoo “Jessy.” He’s buried in the back yard so I guess he will get dug up too. Oh well, his little sweet soul isn’t there anymore anyway. That little dog sure gave a lot of pleasure to Jeff and me. And I still can’t get over how smart he was. Really smart. Anita is supposed to come out the 3rd and 4th to help us move. I guess that’s next weekend. Wow, how the time does fly. I think her dad will bring his truck out and she will bring her car and we will have our itty bitty car and Walt’s daughter, Berta, wants to help and his granddaughter, Candi, said she would help. Grandson, Jared, won’t be off until the 5th so maybe we can move the big items then.

Walt’s birthday is August 6th. He got a card and gift from his brother, Frank D. Don’t tell Frank I told you, but he is a super good guy. (Don’t read this part Frank). I saw Joyce Turner in Wal-Mart again and I told her I had read in the Douglas County Herald where her uncle Wilburn Hutchinson was in the nursing home. She hadn’t heard. She said her uncle, Manuel Hutchinson, and his wife were just in there and left. Maybe I’ll meet them there sometime.

Take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.