There is something to be said about living in a very small, very country town in the dead of August.  Work needs to be done as early in the morning as possible to avoid the noon day sun, the animals have to be checked often to make sure they aren’t overheating and their cool water needs are being met, and the insects sing constantly.  By afternoon, everyone and everything is being as still as possible in the coolest spot they can find.  Every once in a while a cool-ish breeze might blow just enough to give a bit of relief.

Here in Olga, we enjoy taking an afternoon break and wandering up to Kindall’s Store for a cool, delicious ice cream treat out of Charley’s freezer.  Stepping into the air conditioned store, hearing the old floor boards creak and the anticipation of something cold to eat is such a blessing.  Neighbors can be found gathered there just enjoying each other’s company and talking about whatever the latest news is.  We might sit a spell on the front porch while we enjoy our ice cream and just watch the cars go by.  The tall weeds wave their seed heads in the breeze along the road and the old, glorious oak in the yard across the way, spreads its ancient, shade giving branches, beckoning you to sit beneath it on the cool grass.

Sometimes it’s hard to slow down and see all of God’s beauty around us.  When I do, I sure feel blessed.  Priorities seem to change a bit when that happens.  Appreciating good friends and neighbors, taking the time to build those relationships are also quite a blessing.

For example, I had the heart-warming pleasure to see one of my most favorite people the other day, Joyce Inman.  It was so nice to sit and visit with her and get caught up on everything. God sure has brought some wonderful people into my life around here, and for that I am truly grateful.

It seems school is in full swing, but if you are still looking for some end of the summer fun, mark your calendars for the Fordland Community Care Day on September 14th which is to support the Care To Learn program.  I hope many of you are familiar with that program and how valuable it is to our local school systems.

So far it looks like it’s going to be a great Labor Day weekend!  I hope everyone is planning some good family time with great food.  There is nothing like Bar-B-Que, potato salad, slaw, ice cold sweet tea and family to end the summer with.  Whatever your plans are, please be safe and stay away from anything that starts with:  “Hey ya’ll, watch this!”.  Those things never seem to end well.