It has been a very busy time here in Olga lately.  Hay is being harvested, gardens are having to be watered daily, the hummingbird feeders are draining quickly, the tomato worms are out in full force and keeping up with all the usual farm chores of keeping all the critters feed, watered and cool is quite the task in itself.  Getting it all done before the true heat of the day really decides to set in is the goal so a nice rest can be had inside during the afternoon.

As far as the evenings go, it’s been an all out war with the coons lately.  I used to think they were these cute and cuddly little critters, but they leave a path of devastation behind them that has to be stopped.  Every bit of livestock food has to be kept under lock and key, the chickens haven’t been safe during daylight hours, and they are even digging up the gardens and over turning rocks.  One of the neighbors keeps setting a trap out, but they keep tripping it and then dragging it all over the yard to get the food out of the trap.  When they are done with that, they crawl up on top of the chicken coop and make a huge mess just to let everyone what they think about not being able to get in to the chickens.  They are the number one nastiest critter we are dealing with at the moment.  There isn’t just one coon in that yard, four have been spotted together wreaking havoc.  Anybody got a good coon dog?  I think we need one.

Besides the local war on coons, you all might be interested that one of our own local Olga children, Savannah Shannon, took second place at the Springfield Firehouse Fiddle Contest in the Junior Division.  This contest had World Champion fiddlers there and it has been said that the Best of the Best are there.  She was accompanied by Ricky Boen from the Sons of the Pioneers in Branson and his father Darrell Boen.  It was a real fun, family time and if you are interested in the next one coming up, be sure to check out the Downtown Branson website for information on their Fiddle Festival.

I’d like to personally wish Grandma Joyce Inman a Happy Birthday (belated).  Her birthday was on July 8th and she enjoyed celebrating her birthday with family, having lunch with several of them at Sheila’s Place in Marshfield.

Oh!  I almost forgot.  It seems that one of the neighbors was out berry picking here in Olga the other day, just picking away minding his own business.  He looked up and realized he was face to face with a black bear.  He just froze until the bear meandered off.  I tell ya, if that had been me, I wouldn’t have just stood there, but he did exactly what we are told to do.  The good thing is, this bear had a collar on it, which means the conservation department is tracking it.  We understand there are three collared bears that include Olga in their range.  I’m not sure how comfortable we are with that, but I’ve always heard that if you have bear, you live in a place that is full of wonderful wildlife.  It’s just another way of the good Lord letting us know He provides in many ways.  We are very blessed!  Even so, keep a sharp eye out if you are wandering around out there in the woods picking the black berries.  Remember, those bears are visiting the berry patches too!