Oak Grove Church News

We hope you had a wonderful time worshipping the Lord this last Lord’s Day. We certainly did here at Oak Grove. You could not have asked for a more beautiful day and the Lord was truly with us throughout our morning services.

We followed morning services with a fellowship dinner and everyone who stayed for dinner had more good fellowship and food to top off a really marvelous day in the Lord. During and after our fellowship dinner we were entertained by a young musician who flew in from Taiwan and played a wide ranging repertoire for us on: either a very small guitar or a ukulele. You really should have been there.

Our next weeks planned morning message is, “Christ, the Light and Life of Men,” followed by the evening message, “Becoming Children.”

You may have heard the lyrics to a new song recently which says: “You don’t need eyes to see the grace of Christ, you don’t need the hands to feel him in your life, you don’t need ears to hear him whisper to your soul, all you need is Christ and He will make you whole.

Come and join us in a journey throgh the Gospel and we pray, that not only will you find Jesus Christ as the most important person not only in the past, but in your present and future as well.