Oak Grove Church

The Lord answered our prayers for rain, in case you missed it, “abundantly.” It may be safe to say that at least for the present, the drought is over.

Next Sunday we will be privileged to have a representative from the Gideon’s with us for a presentation at our morning worship service. We plan to follow that presentation with  the morning message, “Regeneration.” It doesn’t take a mental giant to figure out that this generation, like every past generation needs “Regeneration,” even though many in this generation do not know what “Regeneration,” means; not to mention why and how it should apply to their lives.

Regeneration is the work of God, through the Holy Spirit, come be our guest next Sunday and we will try to share the truth and power of God’s Word to clear up any doubts and misconceptions you might have about this very important point of Biblical Truth.

The planned message for evening worship service is Paul’s letter to Philemon, the why, how and what that makes it so important to us even today.

This week we were once again blessed with several guests, including Josh, Jessie and Nyla as well as some of our members who have been living up north for some time and just returned home. We have been very blessed in recent weeks and are careful to give God the glory for all the many wonderful folks he has so graciously sent to join us in praise to our Lord.

Come and join us, in worship, praise and fellowship, and may the Lord richly bless you is our prayer, and purpose.