Oak Grove Church

Our “God’s Backyard,” Vacation Bible School was a week of pure enjoyment for all the children, teachers and helpers, even the bus driver had a great time. We enjoyed Bible study classes together, sang and praised the Lord together and the “Program” which the children put on Friday night was wonderful.

Our Planned Morning message for next Sunday is once again, “Leaving Things,” if you have been with us the past two weeks, that has not been the morning message, even though it was the one we had “Planned.” That is why it’s called a “planned” message, but if you really want to hear that message, some day soon you will, at least, that’s the plan. (obviously we’re flexible).

The last few Sundays we have had several missing from our regular congregation, but the Lord has blessed us with quite a few new guests to make up our number. This last Lord’s day we were blessed with a pew full of Porters and some Hills, from the hills. All in all they made up a handsome group, and wouldn’t you know it, they can sing.

We do still have a few empty seats, so if you are looking for a place to spend a Sunday morning and praising theĀ  Lord fits into your schedule, come spend the morning with us at Oak Grove. God bless you and yours is our prayer.