Norwood Gleanings


Last week we got around 10 inches of rain in just a few days. Creeks are up everywhere, even in places where there has never been an issue with the water. But it’s still better than last year, when we couldn’t buy a bucket of rain.

My daughter, KD, the 20 year old that just got back from China, stopped by her boyfriends house in Mountain Grove and when she came out to go home, her 1996 green Dodge Stratus had been stolen with her purse inside the car. If anyone happens to see it, please call the law or our number, 576-7353. You always think that will happen to someone else, but never yourself.

Went by Bill and Jennifer (Boykin) Dodson’s house to see how Bill’s brother Randy is and they said he is still in ICU but seemed alert. They will do re-constructive surgery on his face and he will probably not lose his eye. Jennifer and Bill act as happy as two peas in a pod.

Talked to Shirley (Dunlap) Sarter and she said that her mom, Ruth Dunlap, is doing a lot better and they moved her to the Ava nursing home.

I got birthday cards in the mail from Wesley and Karen Freeman from Texas, and my name sake, Susie Parmenter and Tresia Smith and I appreciate them and say happy belated birthday to my aunt Susie. Hers was on July 28. Karen wrote me a poem and made a card.

The Norwood Auction is back up going again in the same place on Saturday evenings. I don’t know if it’s the same people or someone different. I’ll find out though.

I was telling my dad that the goat sales at the sale barn are great, but the dairy business and sales aren’t doing so good and he had an idea. If the sale barn should ever go out, he thought that he would buy it before Gerald Hilt did and make a bed and breakfast. Ha ha!

These boys are always trying to be good citizens and help our little town out.

Jennifer Dodson’s shower was Friday evening at the Norwood Assembly of God Church. There was a good turnout and Jennifer is fixed up with all sorts of smelly lotions for a long time.

Norwood can say goodbye to a couple of our last year graduates. Derek Davis, son of Lee and Tina Davis, went off to the Air Force and Kyle Mason, son of Chris Mason and Angie Brown, left Sunday for the railroad to Fargo, ND.

Fun Facts: Kenneth Sullivan was drafted into the Army. He was sent to Vietnam, and came home with three medals. Kenneth, we appreciate you very much.

Thought: Parents, there is nothing that takes the place of your presence, not presents. Give kids your time, not your gifts.

Until next week, God bless our little town.