Mt. Tabor Church

We were very thankful for all the good rain we have received in the past few days. We ask for prayers for our church families and their needs as well as the sick, bereaved and unsaved.

Brother Ric continued on into his series on the Ten Commandments, thou shalt not commit adultery. He spoke on how common such things are today, especially on television, and people aren’t as shocked as they once were at what they see. What was sin then, is still sin today.

Martin Hathcock had daughter Ronda, spent Monday with him. They visited their old neighbors, Tom and Rosie Harris, stopped at the cemetery, and also visited Harold and Kay Hutchison.

Those visiting with Chestene Lietch in her rural home recently were Kathy Coats, Marsha and Kalynn Miller, Carol Herd, Dennis and Linda Turner.

Harold and Kay Hutchison attended the Springfield Cardinals game Friday evening, along with several others, courtesy of the Douglas County Herald. Morgan Clements accompanied them to Springfield, where they were met by Kristy Tackett and Stephanie Mishler. After dinner at a local restaurant, Morgan went home with Kristy to spend a week in the Tackett home, in Joplin.

Harlin and Amy Hutchison came to Ava Saturday evening for a short visit with Harold and Kay Hutchison. Kim and Danny Clements visited while they were there, also.

Jewell Elliott visited Albert and Doris Elliott last Saturday. Albert and Doris visited Tom and Jewell, Tuesday evening.

Jewell Elliott met Jim and Darla Beltz and her son, Caleb Rogers, in Ava for dinner last Thursday. They later attended music at the Ava Theatre where the Beltzs had family participating.

James Elliott visited his parents, Tom and Jewell, one evening.

Ronnie and Pat Lansdown were in West Plains Tuesday evening, with their grandchildren.   Pat has not been very well and Jeanne Cox is still quite ill.