Little Creek

I will get started on my news this Saturday morning. This past week has been joyful and full of glory. We have been in revival all week. It ended last night.

Different denominations worshipped together in spirit and in truth and our Lord was in the midst.

The music was wonderful and the preachers were anointed. I felt well enough to attend five nights and got a blessing each night. I was so happy to hear cousin Marsha Turner Collins preach and was blessed by their musical talent. What a gift they have! Others as well.

I have had so many calls from friends concerned that my news hasn’t been in the Douglas County Herald. But I’m on the mend and feeling well except for a bothersome cough.

I got letters from Lorene Maloney and Sue Hartgraves and was so happy to get a letter from a special friend way out there in California. Hello Phillip Akers, I appreciate you taking time to write me and remind me of your youthful days in the hills of Missouri. I’ll answer soon.

And I got a long letter from Avis Trent in Arizona and also calls from her. Avis writes me of growing up in Missouri and going to school, high school in Thornfield. I’ll share a litle of her letter since it is of life lived here and although she has lived in Apache Junction, Arizona for 30 years, her heart remains true to the Ozarks and just as the swallows always return to Capistrano, so does Avis return to her “home” state as often as she can.

She writes of remembering our season and how much she enjoyed each one, of hunting the perfect Christmas tree in winter and of the many joys of summer, the wild grapes and blackberries and strawberries so a kid need never go hungry. She loves reliving the beautiful fall foliage with the different nuts in abundance.

Avis had a little crippled dog name Mutt that she and cousin Retha played with.

Avis wrote of a contest sponsored by the Colonial Bread Co. for all the Douglas and Ozark County kids and carried by KWTO radio station. Each child had to write a song to the tune of “Honey Baby Mine” and send it to the station. Avis wrote about her dog Mutt.

She remembers vividly the Sunday morning they announced they had a winner and it was from Ozark County. And then they announced her name. She says she felt like an 8 year old star like Hank Williams or Loretta Lynn. Her prize was a Rainbow Cake which came in the mail.

I like to hear from Avis. Although I have never met her it seems like we have a lot in common.

Karen came by today and Burr and Nathan Humbyrd came and had prayer with me, reminding me of sweet Mark who came to have prayer with me often and to share food with me. This week has brought memories with Mark to all of us and how happy we were to see his little girl Grace, baptized in the waters of his beloved Little Creek. Congratulations to all of you who were baptized.

It has been a joyous Sabbath. I was privileged to hear my niece, Vickie Prock, preach at Clark today. The Lord brought her from death’s door and has set her path straight toward heaven’s home. She is an inspiration and her testimony touched us all. She talked about her Granny, my mom, and of how she prayed for her family and friends so deligently. Yes, granny would be shouting the Lord’s praises to see her ornery grandchildren serving the Savior.

And I also got to hear cousin, Marsha Collins, preach the Lord’s Word one night of revival. Marsha’s family has been blessed with musical talents and with the calling to be about His business.

Charlie came by today and Burr also.

That’s about it from Little Creek.