Little Creek

Well, it’s Monday morning and just a beautiful late summer day in our Ozarks. I rode into town today to visit my nurse, Kim, and to get my protime and I was just delighted in seeing green everywhere, not brown as is usual for this time of year.

I’m back to normal except for a cough, after having pneumonia. I have been pretty sick and “weak and unworthy” as my grandmother would say.

Wanted my friends all to know why I haven’t had news lately.

We lost another long time member of this community. Frank McDaniel passed away after having surgery to remove part of a lung. His sister, Hester Tidwell, said he had too many things wrong. I’d like her to know how sorry I am. I’ve never had a brother, but when my Uncle Orville died, it seemed as if I’d lost a brother.

I still feel good, the after effects of last nights church service. The music was awesome and I enjoyed every moment. Then Nathan Humbyrd brought the message and I must say that boy can preach. Everyone came away blessed to have worshipped together. The revival is going on, but I do not know for how long. I know Mark would have been in his element and I felt his spirit there. Praise be to Jesus.

I was so very happy to be in church with my two sisters and my son, Ken and Ruth.

I enjoyed dinner at Greg and Karen’s Saturday evening. The meal was compliments of Kasey and his barbequed ribs, both kind, with garden produce for a scrumptious feast. I had lost my appetite, but who couldn’t enjoy ribs prepared by someone else and clean up by someone also. Kasey said he liked cooking at Karen’s because she did the worst job.

Sunday I stayed home so I would feel like going to revival that night. Charlie had brought fresh green beans just picked, which I had put into a crockpot and I fixed baked chicken and salad for dinner. Burr and Ruth and Kevin came by after church for dinner with me. I was happy to share.

My in-home aide, Trisha, has had extra work since I haven’t felt like helping at all. I do appreciate everything she does for me and she is a kind, caring girl, which I appreciate most of all.

Hester Tidwell’s girls spent Sunday with her and Hester felt like helping them cook dinner. Mike and Mary Lind came and did some yard work after the storm blew down a large tree. Mary cooked lunch for them all. They are good friends and neighbors and do so much for Hester from the kindness of their hearts.

We both have wonderfully loving kids and I am glad I had a large family. I can depend on them all, my in-laws also, to do anything needed.

Kevin, Donna, Joseph and Kasey came by awhile Sunday evening.

Burr visited Jim and Jean one day and brought home some very tasty tomatoes. I ate the last of mine in a salad yesterday so maybe I’ll be able to get more Wednesday.

Ruth had to miss several days  of work due to acute bronchitis, but she and I are both on the mend.

Jimmy Dean Frye and two boys and Jim Hard, a friend, visited Jim and Jean Frye one day as did Gary and Mary Honeycutt.

That’s about all I know from Little Creek.

I appreciate everyone for their calls and for reminding me that you’ve been missing my news items.

Oh! And to remind all the family of our reunion on August 31st – same place, same time, all day. See you there!