I thought I did not have anything to write about, but we had two to join church Sunday, Clarisa Massey and Tammy Guerin and one young lady saved Sunday before. We welcome you to Garrison Baptist Church. The spirit has been great there. Pray that it will continue.

Seemed like the kids at church are enjoying school. Some it’s hard on the mothers to leave them at school that first day, especially the ones starting their first year.

I forgot to make mention Melaney Stevens sang a beautiful song Sunday and Sunday night.

Friday Janie Morrison and Plyllis Bloomer visited Iona Maggard. Ervin Maggard and daughter, Valerie Austin visited Sunday. Brandon and Nikki Hampton and daughters visited during the week.

Thelma Posey called and chatted a while. She really enjoys the singing at the Senior Center at Ava every Monday night. Bring your music and have a good time. Some bring a dish to share and visit together. Also congrats go out to her brother, J.D. Morrison, who will be getting married soon.

Happy Birthday to Sandra Harvill and daughter, Kim Ewing. They both have a birthday in August.

This week we hope to get our new carpet laid.

Jerry Nelson is having new shingles put on. Art and Charley Hampton and Roy Hampton were working on it Saturday morning.

Remember Doyle Lakey in your prayers. He had to have a stint put in so he could swallow better.

On Labor Day, lets celebrate our workers A to Z, plus those who labor to find work in this economy. And then several labor hard trying not to find work.

Have a great weekend and attend church.