Lots of prayers were prayed for Jerry Hall, but God took him to a better place. It is hard losing Dad and Mom, but when they are both gone it’s real hard. There is always something you wished you had asked them or something you would like to share with them. You wish they were here to tell or show things to them. So if you still have your parents, treat them with care. After all they are the reason you are here.

A very large crowd attended the visitation Thursday night.

Sympathy sent to Laverne and family.

Rain has slowed up, we will be wanting it to rain before long.

I had a nice chat with Linda Anderson at Jerry’s visitation. Several friends and family who live in Highlonesome, Mound and Goodhope area was there.

Jerry and Laverne, Kenny and Annie Goin, Jerry and Janice Hawkins enjoyed riding their four-wheelers. Sam and Eva Lawerence were with them in their mule side by side.

Jim and Linda Anderson bought a side by side, they really like it.

Garrison Church had great services Sunday. Larry and Marge (Morrsion) Mitchell’s granddaughter was saved. That’s a great service when one is saved and we all needed to be in a service like that. Good crowd out Sunday night. Pastor James Orick brought the messages God gave him. We would love to have you join us at Garrison anytime. Pray that all the churches that are serving God can be soul winners for Jesus.

Sunday Jerry Nelson had several family members visiting, some riding four-wheelers. It has been nice weather for it. Sure is strange weather.

Iona Maggard celebrated a birthday Wednesday. She got lots of cards, calls and gifts and she had several stop by.

Saturday Jolly Johnson stopped by and visited James. We canned a  cooker of beans. I have got two cookers so far. No tomatoes…by the time I think I can, some of the first picked go bad. So I have been giving away some and banana peppers too. I hate to see food ruin.

I visited Sybill Harvill, Shirley Clark and Keith Williams Saturday. They had visited Debbie Harvill. Sybil’s family helps her out a lot.

Allergies sure are bad. Several are having colds. It’s hard to know how to dress. Long sleeves for August is very odd.

Darrell Wiley and wife have been in Missouri visiting family and friends. His sisters, Annie Goin, Debbie Hall and Donna Lewis live here and a uncle, Sam Lawerence and wife and several more relatives.

Colton and Jordlyn Jones brought their baby girl to church over the weekend. She is a beautiful black-haired girl. She is three weeks old. Lots of baby girls have been born lately.

The snakes are crawling. They are blind during dog days. A huge copperhead was in the grass  as we were walking.

Russ, Kim, Shelby and Stevie Jones enjoyed a Florida vacation. Several have went to Florida for vacation this year.

We’ve had some nice, cool weather. I hope it stays that way. Several signs show an early Fall. Have a good weekend and enjoy the good weather and God’s blessings.