It has been a while for writing items. You get out of the habit and it is hard to get back in. I suppose tha’s like folks staying out of church.

We have been busy or we thought we were busy the last few months. We dug our potatoes, but I haven’t had anything to can. And it sure has rained and rained.

I had a good chat by phone with Teena Johnson. Remember her in your prayers.

James and me stopped by my sister, Sybil Harvill’s Wednesday. Kids and grandkids and in-laws are taking very good care of her.

I visited one day and Kim and Garrett Ewing were there. I fried her some fish and Kim brought her dinner. Garrett had went to fair in Springfield. He is a very intelligent boy.

Juanita Powell visited her dad, Jerry Nelson, last week. I loaned her mom, Bonita, a picture of my Dad, Ebb Halcomb and her dad, Rev. Preston Maggard sitting on a church seat by the Mt. Olive Church. She may of loaned it to someone. Anyway, it vanished. Juanita may find it, she was looking through Bonita’s pictures.

Rex Halcomb and James Orick went fishing and I visited Shirley.

Danny Herd had surgery at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis Wednesday. It was a 7-1/3 hour procedure and he had to go through 4-1/2 hours again Friday. If the doctor didn’t feel it was good enough he would have to have surgery again later. So they did it while he was there. He had surgery in Springfield. It did not work so he had to go to St. Louis.

Juanita and Jerry Powell, Kristen and Loetta Nelson visited Jerry Nelson Sunday. They were out in the yard. I didn’t see the kiddies, but they were probably there.

Saturday Gary Harvill visited his mom, Sybil and I was there. His daughters and families had went to Silver Dollar City. Shirley Clark, Keith Williams and Mickey Harvill visited her. Sybil, Shirley and Keith visited Debbie and Mickey Harvill.

Saturday I visited Junior and Betty Halcomb. David visited us Saturday evening.

Garrison Church was glad to have Lisa Ellison back. She sang a special. Sunday before Lisa Hampton sang. This Sunday 55 were present. Last Sunday we had 61 in attendance. We welcome anyone to our services.

Gordon Jones is really improving. He walks some without his cane or walker and riding his four-wheeler some.

Jerry Hall still needs your prayers.

Sunday Ervin and Sandra Maggard and children, Valerie Austin and Shelby and Lacey Maggard ate Sunday dinner with Ervin’s mother, Iona Maggard. Her neighbor, Janie Morrison visited last week. Iona will celebrate a birthday August 14th. Happy Birthday! We share a lot of good memories together.

I enjoyed recently taking by phone with cousins, Willard and Wanda Shortt.

My niece, Traci Thompson hit 50 August 4th and great niece, Cecillia Williams celebrated August 5th. Traci enjoyed spending the day with her family. Her daugher, Staci, took her boys and her sister, Ashley’s boys on a nature hike the next day. Traci kept the baby. Grandmas love babysitting the kids.

Junior and Betty Halcomb showed me pictures of their new member of the family. She is a doll.

Take care and have a great weekend.