Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center

Hello from our home to your home, well, I would say, it has not forgotten how to rain Missouri.  Now during the 50’s it seemed like it, but it has proven untrue, and thank God for this blessing even through the excess water has caused trouble for many people and they have our sympathy.

Tuesday we made a trip to Gainesville, I enjoyed the ride.

Our home now has an appointed Chaplain Bro. Vic Murdy was visiting residents this week, introducing himself to everyone.  It is good to know we have a chaplain appointed to help us in spiritual matters even though we have Bro. Tom Hawkins and Bro. John Haskins.  We are so fortunate to have Christian leadership in the staff, workers and residents and volunteers who come to offer their services.

Saturday morning we had Norma Stillings piano music and singing and we can all sing along if we so desire, and a Bible lesson follows her good Christian music and songs.

Sunday the Ava United Methodist Church was here for the Sunday afternoon program.  Pastor Marty presented a very nice program–a combination of speaking on Bible teaching and linking it with the songs he presented.

Many residents gathered in the dining room, with their visitors, and were very attentive to his presentation.

There were many visitors coming and going all day Sunday.  One especially beautiful little blonde angel was very noticeable.  His blonde hair was curly and quite long for a boy about six years of age, so I discreetly inquired whether boy or girl?  As he was dressed in blue jeans and a t-shirt I could not be certain.  As it turned out, he was attached to new resident, Joe Gomes, would you believe the little angel’s name was Romeo-really, I’m not kidding you!  We all fell in love with Romeo! He so attentive to his father–fetching and carrying and waiting!  Obedient and well-mannered, a marvel!

It was nice seeing Ray and Leah up for church service Sunday afternoon.  They are such a caring couple to everyone.

We would like to welcome Joe Gomes, Sonya Liggins, Tille Harvey and Ruth Dunlap to our home.

Our prayers and sympathy go out to the family of Johnine Miller, he will be missed by everyone.  Ms. Helen was here everyday to check on him.  We will miss this family. Our prayers and sympathy also go out to the families of Leo Nelson.

Congratulations to Lenore Burton and Mary Mainus on getting to go home this week.

God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO