Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center

Hello from our home to your home, we were blessed with a good rain this week. It washed all the foliage and brightened the blossoms of flowers and made us all feel better–Thank you, Lord.

It has been a busy place around our home, much coming and going every day.  Many children visiting and even volunteering to help.  Mindy’s son, Austin, is especially good help in serving. I think he got too hot one day because he got all his hair cut off.   Anyway, the next day he looked real “cool”.  All of Mindy’s children are very good helpers around the kitchen. It is probably because it is like their home life to them.  We really do admire them in looks, in admiration and in their helping out around here.  We appreciate each of you!

When Garry Hall and Frank Cornet come to play and sing for us, they play all morning, one song right after another song, no repeats, all from memory-now that is wondrous to me!

We appreciated Frank playing with him this week and his picking the melodies.

We have more interest developing in Bible Study recently and praise the Lord.   The men have organized a Bible Study, the ladies have their group and we have a mixed group that meets. These are at different times and quite well attended and good discussions.  We’re thankful for volunteer leaders.

We appreciate the House to House Singers, Faith Rock Church and Goodhope General Baptist Church for being here for Sunday afternoon services.  We are truly blessed in our home, worship service comes to us.

House to House Singers were here this week and we truly enjoyed the singing and the preaching that Vic does.

Wednesday was the MHCA District IV Missouri Nursing Home Pageant held at Ramada Oasis Convention Center in Springfield, MO.   Our activities Director, Connie Burris, took our van with a group to attend.   I, Maxine Lirley, was chosen to be Heart of the Ozarks Queen.  Some good friends of Heart of the Ozarks donated my necklace and corsage.  Thru the Grapevine donated my jewelry and Primitive Thymes donated my corsage.  I was  given the honor of second place runner-up.  We were honored to receive that honor.  We had a great dinner with beautiful decorated tables and decorations, a wonderful occasion!  Of, course Connie had me on facebook, so that all my family and friends could be a part of the occasion.   Gary Lirley, Jean Huff, Alesia King and Connie Burris attended this event.

We would like to welcome Ruby Hutson  and  Reynolds Anderson to our home. Congratulations to Beulah Duncan, Judy Phillips and Lavelle Headly on getting to go home.

God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO