Gentry Church

Opening prayer and singing was done to open our morning service, then in our Sunday school class we discussed Ezra chapter 8. We studied about how we should show responsibility and accountability in doing our work for God and on our jobs. A wise leader chooses people that are trustworthy.

Happy Birthday wishes goes out to Tommy Myers and little Mackenzi Horstman.

Our special songs were by Bro. Bob Huskey and our women’s group.

We had dinner at our church and then attended the Fourth Sunday Singing here at Gentry. Next month August 25th it will be held at Faith Rock.

Remember all of our prayer requests sent forth this morning and among them are Beverly Tetrick and Barbara Swofford who are in the hospital with apparent heart problems and also Kelly Huffman with a blood clot in his leg. All of these would appreciate your prayers.

My son, Kevin, pastor of Brookside Church in Branson were all getting ready to take their children to the Rose of Sharon Camp in Tennessee and when they checked their bus before they left they found it had been vandalized so they weren’t able to use it. It’s a sad situation and it’s happening everywhere.

Bro. Keith Lafferty was our guest speaker today and his message was from Acts 17. Paul was speaking to the men of Athens and as he passed their altar with inscription “To the unknown God,” the Bible tells us God is Lord of heaven and earth and there is only one God. Salvation is in our heart and minds.

P.S. Next Sunday, August 4th our guest speaker will be Bro. Victor Murdy. Come and join us.