Gentry Church

After opening service with prayer and singing, in Sunday school class we studied how when the Israelites  heard the word of God and how it brings a blessing of revival to individuals and congregations. We all need some joy and uplifting in our lives.

Happy Anniversary wishes go out to Rod and Joanne Welker.

Our sympathy goes out to the Johnnie Miller family.

Harley and Faye Allen just returned from Branson where they attended the Swofford Family Reunion.

Continue to remember Beverly Tetrick and Joanna Huffman in your prayers and glad to report Kelly Huffman is out of the hospital.

Our morning guest speaker was Bro. Victor Murdy and his message was from II Peter 1. There are seven steps to a Godly life. They are faith, moral goodness, self-control, brotherly kindness, charity, diligence, knowledge and race with endurance. Be not conformed to the world, but transformed to loving God.

In our evening service, our special song was by our ladies group and a reading by Charlotte Reich.

Bro. Murdy’s message was from II Timothy, chapter 3. The last days will come perilous times. The time will come when people won’t endure true doctrine. Woe to them who call evil good and call good evil. All scriptures is given by inspiration of God.