Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

We had our business meeting last Sunday night and elected teachers and leaders. We kept everyone the same except I gave my class to Erica Hutchinson. I told them it is time for some of the younger ones to start working, not that I am old or lazy, well maybe the last one. Anyway, we need change sometimes and I am always for helping others.

We have also decided to take the teens on a hike and camping trip. Nathan and Clinton are in charge of this and I know they will have a great time. Now from what I hear someone has volunteered us to fix breakfast for them the next morning. I can probably do that much better than sleeping on the ground in the woods.

We are also starting to talk about Christmas programs, so if you are interested in being in or helping with our program please let me, Virginia or Erica know.

Sunday was our youth night. We had a good group of kids at church. We had them all come up front for congregational singing. Afterward, they all sat on the floor in the front of the church. We talked a little bit about talking with their Heavenly Father. Then Donald came up and talked to them about how to live a long life. The Bible says, “Honor your Father and your Mothers and your days will be long.” He asked them if they could obey God and not obey their parents. Of course you cannot. You have to obey your parents for that is one of the commandments. After that we had a delicious meal and good fellowship with one another.

During testimony service Sunday night we had a couple people say how blessed we are at our church to have youth. We do so love our kids at church. If you need a church that would love your children and teach them about God, we invite you to our church. We want to tell the world that God loves them and so do we.

Till next time, take care, and smile!