Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

As I sit here typing out my news, I am listening to the rain fall. It is such a relaxing sound. That is as long as the thunder and lightning have moved on, which at this point they have. I just looked at the creek and the water is rising. Roger has picked the garden and the harvest was good. The garden loves all of the rain it has been receiving. It’s hard to believe that it is August and we are still enjoying nice, sweet cucmbers.

We had our Vacation Bible School last week, and it was a great week. We had a good turnout of youth and lots of adults came out to help. We have started dividing the kids into two classes, the little kids and then all the rest of the kids are in one class. We have done this for two years now and so far everyone seems to like this way of doing things. The older class gets to have several teachers, this year we had me, Jon, Patty, Wanda and Jackie. The little kids had Deanna and Erica and we had several women to fix food for all of these hungry kids. We sure appreciate all the help. VBS is so important in teaching youth about God and we ended each night telling the kids that God loved them and wanted to see their smiling faces.

We still have special prayer requests; Teena is going for some more tests, Jeanie is having her baby this week, Larry is still asking prayer for his brother, a girl named Ashley needs our prayers, I know the list could go on and on. Pray that God touched those in need.

We are all so thankful to have Donald healthy enough to be back with us again. He even made it out to talk with the kids at VBS one night. He has a great family that always finds someone to make the drive over here with him.

One more week until all our kids start back to school, I know some are excited and some are unhappy. It is a time when all of our youth need love and understanding as they get back into the routine of up early and into homework.

Well, I just went outside and saw a beautiful, big rainbow, and that is the perfect way to end my day and this writing. Thank you Lord for your blessings and your promises.