Dogwood Ramblings

A visitor came here to Dogwood last Friday to share an article with me about “Being Green”.  It seems many younger folk think that if we don’t bring our own grocery bags to the store among other recycle type things that we old folk don’t care about our environment and future generations.  I’m sure many of you in this area can relate to when folk returned milk and soda bottles to the store to be recycled by sterilization and refilling.  Today we have to pay the recyclers to take any glass.  Stores bagged our groceries in brown paper bags back then.  I can recall making book covers for schoolbooks from those bags so that the books weren’t defaced by our scribbling (a bad no-no).

City folk walked up and down stairs in businesses because they didn’t have escalators and they walked to stores instead of firing up a 300-horsepower vehicle to go two blocks, and some country folk hitched up horses much as our Amish friends do today, or only drove to town once a week.  We washed those nasty cloth diapers because throwaway ones weren’t invented.  We dried our laundry on a line or clothes rack, not burning up to 220 volts in a dryer like today and our kids wore home-made and/or hand-me-down clothes.  If we were lucky we had one small screen black & white TV or a radio (not a TV in every room) and enjoyed Saturday morning radio soaps as well as that scary Inner Sanctum one night a week.  That radio kept me company as it was my duty to do all the ironing on Saturday mornings.  Oh yes, everything had to be ironed back when.  We didn’t have a phone for every family member (and we dialed that rotary phone).  We blended and stirred by hand when preparing our home grown food as we didn’t have electric machines to do everything for us.  We didn’t have crock pots or toaster ovens.

So, perhaps we older folk really were “green” long before the younger generations came along.  The young’uns really have no idea how life was for us.  But, for those of my age, this should take you down memory lane for a few moments.  Perhaps another time I shall share some other goodies on this subject.  Even though life was in some ways more difficult “way back when”, we certainly didn’t have today’s stresses and we were (and are) proud to be blessed to be Americans.

Between Aug. 1st and Aug. 10th we received 9.3 inches of rain here at Dogwood according to my gauge.  Some areas received much more rain and many lives have been disrupted by flooding, which is very sad.  During my good news medical trip to Springfield on Thursday some folk mentioned they were tired of the rain.  My reply was that there is enough of the farmer remaining in me to appreciate every drop.  Now it seems everyone needs to cut the grass, but watch out for those sloppy ditches.  Bob Wagner and I mowed quite a bit Monday morning even though everything was damp, using ride on mowers, not using push mowers as in the past.  Now the mowers really need a bath as well as me.

A stray dog showed up at the Breedlove home and Angela has called everyone she can think of to find the owner.  This little gray dog has nothing for identification and behaves like she should be inside.  Several neighbors have made inquiries around this area after hearing from Angela.

Do pray for this nation, for our families, for the ill and disabled, for all in nursing homes.