Dogwood Ramblings

After being treated like an unwanted step-child, not by local business people but by their corporate people with their collegiate computer idiocy, I went shopping this last week.  Saving forty cents per gallon on propane made my shopping trip worthwhile for sure, and it may do so for you.  Not truly caring for change and the effort of making changes perhaps is an indication that I truly am an old lady.  However, my dander gets up on occasion and steps must be taken.  Folks, we are not just numbers out here.  We are each a child of God and need to be given a little respect and our words need to be heard.  We need to be treated fairly, not like something nasty found under the shoe when exiting a dog kennel.

Nice surprise last Wednesday when I was in Seymour having lunch.  I kept looking at a table across the room, enjoying seeing the family of 7 interacting with each other, smiling to myself as it so reminded me of our family when our sons were young.  The father stood up, looked at me and said, “Carol, is that you?” along with a big hello and it wasn’t until then I recognized Casey Haynes, whom I hadn’t seen in a very long time.  We had a good visit.  We reminisced that as youngsters, Casey and his brother Allen stayed at my home for awhile way back when as their mother was in the hospital, back in the 1970’s.  I called Doris Haynes the next day and we had a good long phone visit, sharing personal events and experiences with understanding.

I hear that crops in the southeast are rotting in the field due to excess rain.  That will certainly raise prices for us.  I don’t know about others but this gal looks at country of origin when purchasing fruits, vegetables, canned goods, and other packaged products.  Even so, these farm products need thorough washing as we cannot be certain what activities have taken place on the farms/fields that could cause contamination.  Good luck finding products not from China, Mexico, etc.  Remember, “distributed by” does NOT tell you the country of origin!  Recently, packaged salad mixes from Mexico are being blamed as a source of illness across our country.  I suggest you check out our local Ava Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings and get your fresh foods locally.

As of Saturday morning early, we received 5.1 inches of rain.  The storm also brought lightning close enough to wake the dead with its instantaneous thunder and some wind that took down part of my Dogwood tree.  Bob Wagner came over and removed the damaged part of the tree.  Actually, there aren’t too many branches down around here, mostly just a few branch ends (twigs) that the mower should be able to handle.  Ponds around here are looking ever so much better.  Several people have been bringing garden items to church to share.  Over Saturday and Sunday nights we received another inch of rain and it was still raining Monday morning when I last checked the gauge, ready to sign off this column for the week.

Frances Aid’s birthday was Monday, August 5th.  Apparently some of her family had a birthday party for her this past week.  Leo Nelson, a long time member of St. Leo’s Church passed away on August 2nd and they had a funeral service for him on Tuesday, August 6th at Clinkingbeards Funeral Home.  Leo was quite active with our local VFW before he needed to go into a nursing home in Ozark.  Our condolences go to all Leo’s family.  Our condolences also go to Deacon Joe Kurtenbach and his family at the loss of his brother, Swede.  Deacon Joe is a member of the Ministerial Alliance in the Ava area.

Do give thanks for this rain in prayer.  Too often we forget to offer up thanks even after praying for various things.