Dogwood Ramblings

Not a lot of news coming from this community.  I did watch a bit of that show on SciFi called “Ghost Shark” for which my neighbor made the shark.  Mike Schultz did a good job on the shark that was depicted but that type of science fiction is not my forte`.  I can recommend “Avatar” for the beautiful filming technology used as well as good overcoming evil.

No one came for the Naked Lady bulbs I offered (they are still available) so I cut down everything above ground.  Also, no one spoke up about the Passion Flower plants so I pulled up all of them from the Hosta beds but still have some starters available in the arbor.  Eva Wymer’s pear trees are producing nicely and Cathy Schultz was kind enough to bring me some pears and stayed for a nice visit.

I have visited recently with a couple of seniors who are upset.  One said that her children treat her as though she is brain dead in spite of the fact that she has been and is caring for her very ill husband, is involved with her church, does her own cleaning and cooking and helps anyone needing her.  Another is concerned that someone secretly removed some items from his property because they considered them not safe for this man to use any more and refuse to tell him who they are and where they are keeping his property.  Granted, these folk are considered elderly, but they function quite well, if just a bit slower now.  Just because a person has reached a certain age does not mean they are incapable of making their own decisions.  We may need some help with physical activities, but our brains are still functioning.  Just think of all the years of experience our seniors have gathered and don’t discount them.  We have been through the Great Depression and a number of wars, worked, raised children, lost loved ones and survived.  Take the time to sit and visit with any of us and you’ll find we have had some interesting lives.

For my older friends you probably remember the things you used to care to do, that you no longer care to do, but you really do care that you don’t care to do them anymore

Some critter(s) have been behind Bob Wagner’s place and mine.  Sometimes our dogs irritate us by their barking.  The other day Bob turned his dog loose and she refused to go to the back of the property and that makes us think the dog is smart enough to know whatever is there is bigger than she is.  We think it is bears but the berries are now gone so, perhaps they are after termites.  If one goes into this hollow it is likely signs will be there as bears claw at and feed at termite infected trees and that could be the noise disturbing the dogs.  We haven’t been hearing coyotes.

Right up there with doorbells ringing in the middle of the night is the phone call at an unreasonable hour, especially if no one is there when you answer the phone, or the door.  One night not long ago I received two phone calls and when I groggily answered, some sweet young thing asked, “Is Sean there?” both times.  Believe me, if I make a phone call at an unreasonable hour, it is an emergency!  It is very difficult to be kind and accommodating at times like these.

Have you ever paid a road hog tax?  No?  Well some folks act like they have.  Those are the ones who come at you on a curve, driving on the center lines.  Those are the ones who pull out in front of you and then maintain a 40 mph speed in a 55 mph zone.  Those are the ones who go around you over a double line going about 15 mph over the speed limit, regardless of curves.  These scenarios are nearly a daily event on Highway 14.  Not to mention the number of drivers on their cell phones.

I heard this Sunday at Mass: “If you were placed on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?”