County Line

Bentley Iott, Emily and Dylan, Donna Dodson, Reece Goforth, Megan Goforth, Quin Breeding and Macee Breeding were all here on Monday.

Donna and Macee was here on Tuesday.

John and Lisa Hensley, Seth and friend, Lakin, and Jordan Hensley of Hartville visited John and Jo Stephens on Tuesday.

Megan and Reece Goforth spent Monday and Tuesday with their Grandma Glenda Evans. Cody Goforth and fiance, Ashlee Riggs, and Travis and Ty Mitchell also visited.

Donna took Macee, Quin, Megan, Reece and Jessica Schneweis to the pool on Thursday. They visited Cody Goforth and Ashlee Riggs there also.

Donna, Reece and Macee took me to town on Friday.

Reece Goforth attended a wedding Saturday with Daytona Bentley then on Sunday went to Springfield with them after church.

Reece, Quin and Macee attended church with David and Donna Sunday morning and Macee went Sunday evening with them.

Melanie Breeding and Megan went to Springfield shopping Saturday.

Megan, Quin and Macee spent Saturday night and Sunday night with David and Donna.

Mike and Corrina Dodson, Chase and Bryse attended a birthday party for Jacob Litwiller at the Pizza Hut on Sunday afternoon.

Debra Reed of Kansas called this week. Tiffany and her family had made it home from Mexico.