Church of the Living God

It seems summer is back with a vengence. The earlier part of August sure spoiled us.

We complained about too much rain, now the complaint, “we need rain.”

Pastor Gary’s Sunday morning message was in Phil. 1:3 and 4. Paul was talking about the church at Philippi, having joy and comfort. There is joy and comfort in Christ Jesus. Deep satisfying, exceedingly great joy, “destitute in my spirit”, but God’s peace is still there. Peace that passes all understanding.

The evening service was very interesting. Rebeckah Moore, missionarly from Equatorial Guinea had the service. She had a good message, taken from Luke 14:16-20.

Jesus gave the parable on the wedding feast and how the people responded about coming.

Becky said 2/3 of the world do not have access to God’s word. She said some will walk sixteen miles round trip to hear the word. We won’t hardly drive across town in a car with air conditioning, excuses.

She had a lot of interesting things to tell us about living conditions and the conflict with the witch doctors. We all need to lift her up in prayer every day.

Church of the Living God is located at the corner of N.W. 6th Ave. and N.W. 7th. St. If you don’t have a home church, come visit us.

Pastor Gary Moore – 543-3785, Bevy Moore – 683-8106 or call their home at 683-6547.

Happiness is a emotion that comes and goes. God’s peace comes and stays!!!