Church of the Living God

We were in revival the 12th-17th. God blessed in a mighty way all six evenings.

We had three preachers who brought the word of God – Ray Dobbs, Burrell Conrad and Bub Coonce, what messages.

Bro. Burrell said several things that caught my attention, “I preach the Bible from Genesis to Revelations, cover to cover. We are in a race, a marathon. I don’t serve a God of accidents.”

Ray Dobbs started out one evening in Revelation 2:7, ” He that have an ear, let him heart. Churches need to hear and follow this message. He went onto say, “We need a word, the truth, not some watered down version.”

Thursday night Bub Coonce preached Jeremiah 6:18, “Therefore hear ye nations and know.”

He also used Matthew 13:16, but blessed are your eyes for they see and your ears for they hear.

He gave his testimony on God taking over his life. The words that really touched my heart was, “God took the beer bottle out of my hand and replaced it with a Bible – God is good.”

Friday evening Ray preached. Put your eternal soul in the hands of Jesus. He rose from the dead. Don’t turn your soul over to someone or something that has not been proven over and over.

Saturday evening was about God’s love, get self out of the way and let God move.

The revival spirit was alive Sunday morning and Sunday night also.

There were a lot of prayer requests and God knows all about them.

Bro. Gary read scripture from Exodus, II Kings 2:1-9 and Joshua 3:14-17.

Come visit us at N.W. 6th Ave. and N.W. 7th St.

Our soul never dies, be careful who you let have it!