Caney Church News

Wednesday evening Caney Church came together to sing praises and study God’s word.

We were so glad to have Bro. Lynn Grider and his wife with us. He taught from several verses.

Evil speaketh causes leprosy. It is a chastisement from God. God wants us clean. We should learn to control what we say. We should be an example to those around us. From the pulpit through the congregation, We are leaders/examples. we should have a fearful reverance of God and His house. Repent or you will be outside the camp.

A very thought provoking message.

Pastor Bill Austin brought his message from Job 38:1-11, Luke 1:70-79, John 3:16-21. Where were you? Where are you? Jesus is the way.

Sunday evening service opened with singing praise to the Lord.

Bro. Jeff Shipley took prayer requests. Bro. Hi Lambeth led in a sincere prayer for all with needs.

Testimonies given by Jack Essary, Lorrinda Coulter, Melba and Bill Austin.

Evening message was from Deuteronomy 33:13-16, I Sam. 3:1, II Timothy 4:1-7. It was a good message from the Lord.

Come worship with us at Caney. We are a Bible believing church.

Sunday morning service began with  “When We All Get To Heaven.” Bro. Jack Essary welcomed all to service. Bro. Jeff Shipley opened prayer remembering many special and unspoken requests.

After a good Sunday school lesson, Happy Birthday was sung to Peggy Essary and Oliva Rogers. Happy Anniversary to Jeff and Tracy Shipley. God bless them all.

Maddie Shipley sang while offering was received. She really does a good job. She is a blessing.

Praise and Worship hour began with testimonies from Jeff Shipley and Hi Lambeth. We continued on to congregational singing.