Breedon News

8-11-13 Another Lord’s Day is upon us and we have the privilege to congregate to worship once again. His blessings are so rich and thank you God that you have kept us this week with all the rain we have had. Let us all pray for those who lost their homes and loved ones because of the floods. In the news I heard a man from Conway say, “My family is all safe and I’ve lost my home. It is a trial that we have to go through, but we don’t see the big picture.” He thanked and praised God and I pray God’s richest blessing to him and others that need the resources to rebuild their homes and lives.

Our Sunday school began with the reading of Psalms 123. Our lesson came from Ephesians chapter 4. Paul is comissioning the Christians to “walk worthy of the vocation where with we are called” in verse one. He teaches us to walk and keep the unity of the spirit in peace. When I read this chapter I think of the son, “His Blood Has Made Us One.” We may have different opinions of what various scriptures mean, but what the Holy Word says is exactly what it means. If we believe that Jesus is the Son of God and it is His blood that cleanses to save us, this makes us one. There is no other way unto salvation, only Jesus. The rest of this chapter Paul is teaching us how to behave as Christians. I know I need to review this scripture often and really believe all Christians should. We have been called unto righteousness and our works should reflect this. The old man is dead so now our lives should be lived as an open testimony pointing all to our only hope; Jesus Christ.

Our service changed to worship. After congregational and special singing, the sermon was given from Phillipians the 2nd chapter. This connects with what was given in our Sunday school lesson. Jesus Christ Himself came to us and although He is the Son of God He humbled Himself to be a servant in the likeness of men. He did this humble work through obedience to God our Heavenly Father all the way to His death on the cross. God exalted Him to be a name above all other names and every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. This was the inspiration for a song writer to write the beautiful song, “He Is Lord.” There is no time for murmuring or being jealous of one another in this life. You cannot be saved by your works, but your faith in Jesus should be producing a work that edifies God and makes us a witness of the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ thereby being a vessel God can use to bring others to the Lord Jesus Christ. Christians I pray God to help us all to not run this race and be a witness in vain, but with the love of Jesus desiring to see those lost in sin come to Christ.

Remember the singing at Gentry this Friday night, 8-16-13. I hope I can be there. I absolutely love the fellowship we have in these monthly singings. God bless you all this week and don’t forget to pray for our nation and those in need. Whether it be for healing, grieving and mainly and most importantly, those needing salvation.