Breedon News

August 4, 2013. Today is a dark, cloudy morning with showers on the way. It is the Lord’s Day so it is a great day.

Sunday school began with the reading of Psalms 126. Opening prayer was given by Heath Kirklin. Our lesson was taken from Ephesians the second chapter. We as the children of God have been quickened or made alive through Christ. God so loved us that He gave His only Son that we all had access back to Him. We were born in sin and were children of wrath; but God through the Holy Spirit quickens us or some say convicts us and calls us to repentance. There is no work you can do to obtain salvation. It is a free gift of God. When He convicts you can either accept Christ or reject God’s gift of salvation. If you choose Jesus Christ, you realize you are lost and need a Savior. This causes a desire to repent to a loving and merciful God because you realize how without God’s quickening. Accept Him upon this time because you may never have another calling to salvation. God has extended His love and mercy to all Gentiles and Jews alike. If you reject the plan of salvation that God the Father and Jesus the Son offers the Holy Spirit’s conviction, you have chosen eternal seperation from God. He who is merciful and loving can only see the blood covering of His Son. Without this covering, God’s wrath and judgement will come and Hell will be your eternal home. If you have accepted Jesus, His blood cleanses and covers your sin and He will be a mediator and defence lawyer pleading your case to Almighty God. His loving words of “Father, this one is mine.” If you have rejected Him, His words will be “Sorry I never knew you. Depart from me.” Please sinner friend take this to heart and accept Him today. You are only one breath between Heaven or Hell. Death has no age limits and you don’t have a promise for tomorrow. We continued on into the 3rd chapter of Ephesians where Paul ministers how God’s plan of salvation was revealed to him. This included me and you. In verses 14-19, Paul is praying for us that God would grant strength to our inner man that Christ may dwell in our hearts by faith and we would be able to come to an understanding of how endless God’s love is to us. He ends this chapter and prayer by glorifying God through all ages by Jesus Christ without end. I’m thankful for this prayer and can’t help but question of Paul who worked endlessly to the end of his life felt he was the least of all saints where does this place me? Thank you Jesus that your love and mercy extends to all, great and small.

I have been thinking of Dale Thomas and Faye Pruitt. We miss you and I just wanted to remind you both that we are praying for you.

Our service changed to congregational singing and worship to our Savior and Heavenly Father. Susie Sisco sang. We were really blessed with our young people of Heidi Haden and Heath Jr. Kirklin and Sammy Lee singing. While they sang with Michelle Lee leading them, Sammy signed the words as they sang. We are so thankful for Danny, Michelle and Sammy Lee. They are such a blessing as they work with these little ones. After the kids sang, Michelle quizzed them on their Sunday school lesson that they have had and these little ones popped off the answers like popcorn. Not only was it sweet and cute because they were all under 9 years old, it makes our hearts glad to hear our little ones proving they are learning the word of God.

Brother “Cub” (Joe) Lafferty took the pulpit and brought the message from Romans the 9th chapter. Who are the children of promise? This chapter very explicitly teaches that though there were many children of Abraham through his descendants Isaac and Jacob, they were not all the children of promise. In the 13th verse it says “Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.” Is this unrighteousness with God? God forbid it states in the 14th verse. In the 31st verse, Paul explains that though all followed the law of righteousness not all attained to the law of righteousness and the 32nd verse answers why this was. Some only did the actions, but they sought righteousness without faith. We all need to search our hearts. Did we just kneel at an altar and say a prayer we were told to pray because someone told us to or did we feel that tugging or quickening of our hearts that caused us to be ashamed and we knelt in prayer asking God’s forgiveness in faith through Jesus Christ that we would be saved? Again, my prayer is all who reads this may receive a touch from God and if you don’t have Jesus, today will be the day you accept Him.

This Friday night (August 9th, 2013) is our monthly singing. Bring a snack and yourself for a blessing and fellowship. If you don’t have a church home, we invite you here and always know you are welcomed. May God’s blessing be with you this week and I hope to see you Friday night.