Breedon Church

8-25-13. Our Sunday school lesson opened with reading Psalms 121st chapter. While it was being read my heart prays for the Jimmie Posey family. I pray for Janice, Dennis and the grandchildren that help and comfort comes to you and God wraps His big arms of comfort around you all and guides you in the days ahead. Psalms 121 is one of my favorite comforting vereses. I also pray for Alan Woods family in the loss of Joanne. I’m so sorry for these family’s loss, but God is true to His promise and He will keep you. God bless all that have had to let a loved one go for it is never easy. Heaven is made sweeter for you and gives us all a little more determination to go home with Jesus.

Our lesson came from Ephesians chapter 6. This chapter gives instruction for how we as Christians are to live and arm ourselves against Satan’s temptations. Don’t just serve the Lord to please men, but serve him always in truth and sincerity. We are to put on the whole armor of God so we can stand against the devil’s darts that he throws at us daily. We alone without Jesus can’t do this. We are not wrestling against flesh and blood that we can see or feel rather against principalities against powers that are wicked and evil. Paul tells us what we need to do in order to stand in the evil day and do it boldly. This summarizes what we as Christians are to do for our protection against Satan, but to also pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ. We should bear one and another’s burdens. Instead of killing them with our tongues, if they have strayed, lift them up in prayer for we ourselves except for the grace of God could be in their shoes and perhaps even worse. We had such good discussion regarding this chapter because we know by the Holy Spirit that the evil day this word speaks of is now. We must be more vigilant and prayerful for each other and ourselves lest we too get caught in Satan’s snare.

Our service went into asking the seven questions we are to search for this week. I don’t mention this very often, but this a a fun and great way to learn from each other on the various scriptures that we search through. I thoroughly enjoy this learning experience and we have fun fellowship while doing it. We again were blessed with our youth showing that they learned by keeping faith in God and Jesus. They blessed us with a song they acted out while they sang it. It was so sweet when they fell down when David killed the giant in the song. You know songs are a great way to teach the gospel. I can remember  Sunday school lessons I had as a child because I still remember the song that went with the lesson. I believe music is a ministry in itself. Some people can be touched by the words and melody in a gospel song that edifies Christ when talking or reading didn’t have an effect on them. Praise God for those He has inspired to write the good old gospel songs.

Brother Cub (Joe) Lafferty took the sermon from Col.. chapter 3. This went right along with what was taught in Sunday school today. We are to set our sights above and not on this earth. Again, we as Christians are told how to behave. Too often scripture gets sugar coated and people need to hear the truth. It is really very simple when you think about it. If you have accepted Jesus as your Savior, you have a lawyer to defend you on the great judgement day. If you have rejected Him, there is no defense to plead for you with the Almighty God and judge. My heart prays that you will choose Jesus and be spared from eternal hell and its sufferings. Please God help us Christians to be ever prayerful and a good witness to those lost in sin. God bless and you all have a blessed week.