Black Oak Church

“So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth,” Revelations 3:16.

Brother Roy Frye opened Sunday school after we sang. He read Psalm 96 for the devotion then dismissed us to class.

Please pray for the following: Wilma Sanders and all cancer patients, Shirley Riley for traveling to Springfield daily to see Wilma, Quin Breeding, Dana Brazeal and family, Forrest and Tiffany, Dara Strong, Floyd Graham, Randal and Pam Graham, Pete Turley and family, Wanda’s grandson, Ray Lee’s family and other bereaved, Jo Stephens, everyone at school. Law officials, military, unsaved, unspoken, and each other.

Megan Goforth did the penny march for Camp Piland. Brother Bobby Turley took up the tithes and offering.

David sang then preached from Revelations in the morning service.

We had good testimonies.

The children painted and we discussed what the colors represented for Christ.

In the evening service Pastor David sang then preached from Revelations 5:1-10. If we want to know about heaven we need to get in God’s word and learn about it. There is only one worthy in heaven and earth and that is Jesus. He prevailed over death and the grave. Satan was defeated that day.

Please join us if you are looking for a church family.

May God bless you all.