Bethany Baptist

September 1 is Pastor Bob Sorensen’s birthday. The church is planning a “surprise” birthday celebration for him. It is hoped that friends of Pastor and Darlene Sorensen will attend church Sunday morning to hear him preach and then join them for lunch afterward in the fellowship hall.

Pastor Bob has been pastor at Bethany Baptist Church since 1997. He was attending Baptist Bible College when the former pastor, Dale Adams, resigned in May 1997. He preached at the church several times during the summer and early fall that year. Pastor Bob spent several years in the Army and had also served as a police officer prior to accepting his call to preach. Pastor Bob has written several booklets on various Bible doctrines and also daily devotional booklets.

The Young Women N Christ meet Mondays after school at the church. The Ladies Bible Study will be held Thursday, September 5 at 8:15 at the church. The church is also looking forward to the annual mission conference being held in the latter part of September. There will be special music and Paul Burbidge of Nova Scotia will be the guest speaker this year.

Dan Stillings sang a special song Sunday morning. Bro. Bob Helms brought a message he called, “The Great Race,” from Hebrews 12:1-4. He noted that Americans will race anything, automobiles, horses, dogs, even frogs. Crowds come to watch the outcome of those races and the excitement builds as the racers overcome hindrances and obstacles to finish the race and obtain a reward. Those races may be characterized by a brief, but intense effort as a sprint. But our spiritual race, may be more like a marathon.

The writer of Hebrews had just made tribute to some of the Old Testament saints in chapter 11. These people had continued in faith against many challenges because they were all looking forward to something better, a better city, a better country, and a better resurrection. These saints form a cloud of witnesses urging us on to our reward. It was suggested that we as runners in a race lay aside the “weight” of sin and run with patience the race set before us. That race will not always be through “green pastures” and beside the “still waters.” But we can look at the head of the line of those who finished their race with honor and see Jesus. Jesus suffered rejection, mocking, the charge of blasphemy and endured the cross for the joy that was set before him. He looked beyond the cross to the resurrection and the glory that he would share with all those who put their faith in him.