Bethany Baptist Church

There was a work day at the church Thursday morning and it was so well attended that a lot of work got done and no one was over-worked. It is encouraging when lots of people show up. There was some painting on the sign in front and on one of the doors. Progress was made in trim on the front porch.

There will be another Pizza and Movie night, starting at 5:30 Friday evening. Church members donate the ground beef, cheese, (turkey) pepperoni, etc. and Pastor and Darlene Sorensen make the pizzas. The movies are such that prove that people can be entertained and motivated to serve God better.

Bethany Baptist Church plans to have bottled water to give away Saturday morning at the Farmer’s Market. This gives folks an opportunity to meet and visit with neighbors who live in this area.

Daniel and Jenny Middlebrooks and their children, Isaac and Grace, were guests at Bethany Baptist Church, Sunday. Daniel and Jenny presented special music during their visit. Jenny played a violin and Daniel sang and played a twelve string guitar. Daniel said that he can only play by ear and Jenny can only play by reading the music, but they both exhibited a lot of talent, and it sounded good.

Daniel brought a message in the 11:00 AM service, “What God can do with a stick.” When God told Moses that he had been chosen to lead the children of Israel out of Egyptian bondage, Moses, protested that he was not a good speaker and no one would believe that God had actually spoken to him. God asked Moses, “What is that in thine hand?” And he said, “A rod.” God could have used armies or any other means to bring Israel out of bondage, but he used a rod.

That dried up piece of wood became the tool that God used to prove his power over all the gods of the land. When God commanded, Moses or Aaron would stretch forth his rod to turn the river water to blood and to bring frogs, lice, flies, and other plagues on Egypt. Moses stretched forth the rod to divide the Red Sea and then again to bring it back over Pharaoh’s army. Moses held this rod up to enable Israel to prevail against the armies of Amalek, and used it to bring water out of a rock. Great things happened, not because the rod was great, but because Moses allowed the Lord God Jehovah to use it. We should give our best to the Lord, even if we think it is insignificant, God can use it to do great things.