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The big news at Ava Place this week is that we now have dryers!!! Heart of the Ozarks has been so amazingly wonderful! They have done our drying since our dryer caught fire. We appreciate them so much! The laundry staff there deserves a very long vacation! Thanks so much for all your help! Several of our department heads are at training conferences this week. It will be exciting to hear what amazing things they have learned about.


“You’re My Somebody Special”


Ava Place is starting to publish a weekly “You’re My Somebody Special” spotlight. All residents of Ava place will eventually be spotlighted.  I must say it is a lot of fun interviewing the residents and learning of their early life and their wishes. Today’s spotlight is Josie Lawrence





Josie O. Morrison Lawrence was born September 1926 in High Lonesome, Missouri. She has 5 brothers and 1 sister. She was married to Denzel Lawrence at age 17 right out of high school. She graduated from Chadwick High School. She achieved degrees from SMS and Drury University. She was a school teacher for 41 years. She retired to take care of her husband who was sick with cancer. He has been gone 15 years now, she tells of what a wonderful husband he was and that she couldn’t ask for better. Josie’s favorite color is blue. She loves to eat sweet treats like cookies and cinnamon rolls. Pies are her favorite dessert. When asked what her biggest accomplishment in her life was she said “Marrying the man that I did and teaching school for so many years. ” She was asked, “If you were given three wishes what would you wish for?” Her response, “To have my husband back by my side, have better health, and to feel younger.

Josie loves to play jokes on people and jump out to scare them. She has a very witty sense of humor. She loves children! She always makes sure the children that visit Ava Place feel special. She saves up the stuffed animals she wins at Bingo and gives them to the children. If she has a quarter or a dollar, it also goes to the children. It makes Josie and the little ones very happy!

Her favorite things to do are word search puzzles and playing Bingo. Her daughters, Doris and Helen, visit often with their Momma. She has many friends, as well as, family that make sure she knows she is loved. After teaching school for so many years in the area, she either knows most people that come through or she taught someone they know. It is always fun to listen to their stories. Josie is always great to visit! We do love having her as part of the Ava Place Family!!!