Ava Place

As many of you are aware, we had a fire at Ava Place last week. We are pleased to tell you that all is well! The fire was contained to the dryer. Besides destroying the dryer, there was smoke damage to the laundry room. This was the extent of the damage thanks to the quick thinking of Samantha Reich and Shawna Whitaker who were on duty. They did a wonderful job containing the fire and taking care of the residents needs. Amy Adams and Jane Groth met our administrator Debra Dade RN at the facility before 2 a.m. They were there throughout the night helping with the clean up. The next morning many other staff members helped as well. We appreciate such an amazing staff!!! Way to handle an emergency! Heart of the Ozarks has been drying our clothes this past week. We are looking forward to our dryers arriving, I am sure they are also. We do appreciate our sister company for helping us out! Our local Police and Fire Departments were very quick to respond. We are so blessed to have such wonderful emergency response teams in our area!

We have celebrated the birthdays of Amy Adams, Jeannine Spurlock and Carla Wagner so far this month. We are looking forward to celebrating with Carl Landsdown at the end of the month. Happy Birthday to you all!


“You’re My Somebody Special”


Ava Place is starting to publish a weekly “You’re My Somebody Special” spotlight. All residents of Ava place will eventually be spotlighted.  I must say it is a lot of fun interviewing the residents and learning of their early life and their wishes. Today’s spotlight is Jessie Mae McGinness Horner.





Jessie Mae McGinness Horner was born to Jesse and Zella Mae in November of 1923 on a farm in Ava, Missouri. She has four brothers and one sister. They all attended a one-room school house in Ava. Jessie was named after her Dad and Mom. In 1948 when she was 24 years old she married Billy Horner in Woodward, OK. They were blessed with three wonderful sons. These sons take very good care of their momma. They visit as often as possible and call often. They make sure all is well with her. Jessie’s favorite color is blue, the same as her momma’s. She also likes red. When asked what her biggest accomplishment in her life is, she proudly exclaims, “Raising my boys!” Her favorite dinner would be fried chicken, mashed potatoes and homemade gravy, with a dessert of any kind of pie.

Jessie was asked, “If you won the lottery, what would you do?” She said, “I would buy my kids’ houses and put one in the middle of them all for me.” Family is very important to Jessie. Her grand- daughter visits from Branson often. She looks forward to these visits. She has many friends in the Ava area. She still enjoys visiting their family farm and spending time with family there. Life around Jessie is always happy and entertaining. She has an amazing sense of humor and is a joy to be around.