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It has been an amazing and fun week here at Ava Place.  Several Residents went to the Mansfield bookstore to pick out some new reading material.  The lovely ladies there are so helpful and patient with us!  The residents love to visit with the cats as well as get new books.  We also had an outing to Wal-Mart for the residents that wanted to do their own shopping.  This is always a fun adventure!   We would like to welcome new resident Brenda Waters to the family.  She is a return resident.  We are glad to have her back home.


“You’re My Somebody Special”


Ava Place is starting to publish a weekly “You’re My Somebody Special” spotlight. All residents of Ava place will eventually be spotlighted.  I must say it is a lot of fun interviewing the residents and learning of their early life and their wishes. Today’s spotlight is Maxine G.  Norris Cinadr.





Maxine was born in Almartha in 1923 to William Norris and Nola James.  She has one sister, Marie.   At 19, Maxine married Lawrence Cinadr. This was in 1943.  They were married at Fort Leonard Wood where he was a soldier.  She was pregnant with twins that she lost to a miscarriage.  They were never able to have children.   Years after Lawrence, the love of her life passed away, Maxine remarried Rev. Ervin Mckinley.  They eventually divorced and he passed away.

Maxine’s favorite color is Red Raspberry.  Her favorite food is BLT’s and for dessert she will take any kind of pie, even mince meat!  When asked what her biggest accomplishment in her life was she responded, “My marriage to Lawrence, the joy we shared.”  She told me of their favorite past time.   They loved to buy and sale antiques!  When Lawrence retired from GM they spent much of their time traveling around antiquing.

I asked Maxine what famous person she would like to meet.  She replied, “Daniel O’Donnell.”  This is a dream come true actually because she has already met him and attended a few of his shows in Branson.    When asked what she would do if she won the lottery her answer was not a surprise, antique shopping!

Maxine is a sweet and strong lady. She has a love for her Savior and tries to do his will.  She feels that she falls short sometimes, but knows she is not perfect and tries harder and harder each day.  We are blessed at Ava Place to have Maxine as part of the family.