Ava General Baptist Church

This Sunday Pastor Oren continued his series of sermons about disputable matters.  Scripture this week was from Romans 15:1-6.  This scripture reminds us all to edify others before thinking of ourselves.  If we can love one another as Jesus does, we can show the world what being Christian is all about.  Self-denial starts with assessing ourselves and our hearts.  Remember that whatever you do, if you become a stumbling block to someone else or if it reflects a serious problem for others for follow Jesus then it’s better not to do it.  Help others who are less sure of their faith and who are new in the walk with Jesus. Keep encouraging them and pass along your knowledge to them.  Everything we do should glorify God and help others come to Jesus.

The church softball team will be playing their forth game on Monday, Aug 26th at the old fairgrounds.  Good luck team!  Bro. Oren says they haven’t won a game but they sure have a great time.  It’s good to fellowship with other church teams as well.

Please keep the family of Dean Davis and Judy Phillips in prayer.  Losing someone we love leaves a hole in our lives but our memories and knowing we will see them again some day, is a comfort.  If there is other families out there grieving a loss of someone, we pray for your peace and comfort from our Lord.

Thanks for our special food committee and those who lovingly made food and helped serve for the Davis family.  It was so very much appreciated.  They always are there to serve those in their time and need and we love them for their dedication and love.

Remember other prayer concerns in our community and in our church family.  Say a prayer for those in nursing homes, people having surgery this week and recovering from surgery.  Also, keep our missions and missionaries in prayer as they deliver the message of God’s Word around the world and in our own nation.

Stay cool this week as the heat is coming back with a vengeance.  If you get a chance please visit us Sundays at 8:30 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Sunday night.  Remember no matter how different we all may be from one another, as Christians we need to use one voice to build up and glorify God.  Try to be a witness in all you do.

See you Sunday.   God Bless.