Arno News

Bonnie Phipps had a visitor from Springfield Thursday and those present were Debbie Cederlind, Kaylynn Todd and Alaya, Courtnie Vigessa, Wylie, Weslie and Wayden and those here in Ava are Roy and Linda Sue Freeman, Wendee Freeman, Madison, Sydnee, Alexis and Cecilia Edwards.

Friday Bonnie got a call from Varlee Atkisson’s daughter, Joyce, and she said that Varlee was in the hospital and didn’t have but a few days left. Varlee is the daughter of the late Fred and Vivian Phipps. Bonnie said she hadn’t heard any more since Friday and she doesn’t have Joyce’s phone number.

Bonnie and Cecilia went to church Sunday.

Here is my rain for last week, last Monday .2 of an inch, 1.6 of an inch last Tuesday, .1-1/2 inch Wednesday, .5 of an inch Thursday and .1-1/2 of an inch Friday.

I took Wally Jessen his birthday card and a loaf of bread Wednesday. Mark and Mark Weston came after I got back home and helped me set up my new phone then I went over and saw Marie Dickey because she had hurt her right leg.

Thursday I took my eggs over to the courthouse to the girls there then I came by the nursing home and took Lenora Burton a birthday card and small cake. Betty Jenkins and Freeda Richards was there to help her celebrate her birthday then I went on and saw Marie Dickey before I came on home.

Violet Blakey came by and we went over and got some material to set our Blakey Quilt together then she brought me back home.

Lakota Blakey came and helped me put names and phone numbers in my new phone.

Friday I went over and got some medicine and visiting in my home after I got home  was Mark, Mark Weston and Ellis. I got to wash my clothes before it rained again.

Lakota was back up here Saturday with some cucmbers for me.

Lets keep all our sick folks in our prayers because there are new ones added every day and old ones that still need prayers. My prayer and sympathy goes out to all that have lost a loved one.

Lets keep our leaders and the men and women in the service and their families in our prayers.

Keep the men and women who are in training, who will be going overseas in your prayer.

In our business meeting Sunday night we were talking about Old Folk’s Day at Mt. Tabor this year will be September 8, so that day will be here before you know it.