All Around Bradleyville

I hope everyone has been enjoying the wonderful weather as much as I have the past couple of weeks. I finally got my jungle of a yard mowed and twelve jars of green beans canned. I’ve always liked hot weather better but am learning to appreciate all the seasons. Might as well, I don’t plan on moving and have to take whatever the day brings.

While I was weed-eating I came across a little copperhead. It makes the sixth snake we’ve seen in the yard this year. The others were garden snakes, one black snake and a hog nosed snake but all of them made me move faster than I thought was possible.

Shirley and Jackie Hall had their grandsons, Dryden, Caleb and Seth with them for several weeks this summer. They all enjoyed being together and everyone enjoyed the stories Shirley put on facebook about what the boys had said or where they went. They spent a lot of time with their Aunt Taneesa also. The boys went home to St. Louis right before school started. Shirley has retired after 32 years of teaching at Bradleyville School. She is staying busy with projects that she says has accumulated for all that time. Shirley was everybody’s favorite teacher and will be missed by everyone at school.

Tipton and Riley Scott has been spending time with their grandmas, Lois Lux and Sheila Braden this summer before they had to go back home to Texas and start school. Lois and Sheila took the boys halfway home and met the boy’s parents, Joe and Kim Scott in Oklahoma last weekend and had lunch before coming back.

Helen Maggard told me that her grandson, Isaac Henning and my grandson, Hayden Crouch spent three days together at her house before school started for the year. One day they took a live trap down to Ruth Hodges’ house and trapped a possum that had been a nuisance and took it out of range of Ruth’s house somewhere and turned it loose. I hope they didn’t turn it loose close to my house because we have an overabundance of them already.

Helen also mentioned that Jerry and Sherry Henning spent two weeks on vacation out west this year also. They went to Seattle and while there rode the Seattle Great Wheel, saw Mt. Rainier and rode the gondola to the top of Crystal Mtn. and also spent some time in Selah,Washington seeing some of Jerry’s relatives and attending a family reunion while there. I saw a picture on facebook where they were standing around a huge tree in the Grove of the Patriarchs which consist of massive hemlock trees, cedar trees and Douglas fir trees.

Scott and Julie Lawson celebrated their five year anniversary last Friday night by going out to eat and then they climbed on some kind of ride/thrower that pulled them back like a rubber band and then threw them into the air. I got to babysit Garrett, Emmett and Makenna while they were out. The next day on Saturday they took Garrett to Silver Dollar City and spent the day and I got to babysit the twins again. While they were at the City, they saw several friends that had the same idea, Cindy, Kambria and Arica Todd, and also Brooke and Dustin McHaffie with their kids, Taylor, Trent, Dawson and Sawyer. Arica told me at church Sunday that she really had a good time.

Birthdays for the coming week include: August 23: Emily Todd, Sissy Essary; August 24: Jeff Marsh; August 25: Heath Dalton, Janessa Hall, McKenna Hunsaker; August 26: Nancy Howie; August 28: Vicki Burkhart.