“That all the people of the earth might know the hand of the Lord that it is mighty that ye might fear the Lord your God forever,” Joshua 4:24.

Our guests this week were my brother, Orville Clayton and son, Matthew and my sister, Christine Clayton from Illinois.

Monday our visitors were Louin and Valerie Clatyon, Dana Brazeal and Ella Faye Mitchell.

Tuesday Orville and Matthew Clayton and Gary visited Cap and Sue Porter.

Wednesday evening Paul and Honie Johnson visited us.

Thursday, Christine Clayton, Gary and me went to Longrun and visited with Rayford and Freda Clayton. A few days before that Troy Clayton and Annette Clayton had been there. Freda is doing a little better. Keep her in your prayers.

Friday afternoon, Honie Johnson, Christine Clayton and me went and visited Wilford Clayton and Rose and Parker Clayton homes. At Rose’s home Trish and Willow Clayton and Jason Mitchell were there also.

While Orville and family were here they visited with friends and relatives.

Friday morning Orville and Matthew picked up Sandy in Ava. She had been in Branson for a week.

Saturday morning, Orville, Sandy, Matthew and Christine went back home to Illinois. They made it safe and sound by 4 p.m.

The wind Saturday brought some afternoon rain in. On Sunday God blessed us with more.

Sunday evening before church Pam Stokes and I visited with John and Doroty Schultz.