Thornfield Southern Baptist Church

There were 22 present in church today.  Happy Birthday to Santana Hathcock and Renee Graham.

Please pray for Les Vancamp, Sue Bennett, Paul Gregory, Dallas Murrill, Bill Mahan, Marvin Graham, Peggy DeWeese and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Cantwell.

Our deepest sympathies to the families of Lindel Mahan and Don Caywood.

Special music today by Roy Murrill and Abby Mahan.

The Sunday School lesson today was about God dwelling among His people.  The church learned that we not only worship God in church but wherever we are.  God is everywhere all the time!  We come to church to give glory to God and build each other up for the glory of God.  The goal of worship is to know God and praise Him.

God hates sin but loves the sinner.

If you are saved you will know the glory of God.  How does it feel to you?  Some people at church gave answers like grace, peace, and wonderful just like the feeling you get when you are first saved, a happy, happy day.

What does God want you to do?  It is different for everyone but if you seek Him, He will delight and reveal many things to you.

Todays sermon was about feel good messages verses God’s laws for us.

Sometimes if we know of sin in someone’s life, we don’t want to say anything in fear of upsetting the person.  If God says it’s wrong, it’s wrong.  It is our duty as Christians to tell these people in our lives that God loves them and that they are not living by God’s laws.

There comes a time when God must dispense judgment.  Our only hope of God’s judgment is to repent and be sorrowful of our sins.  The day of judgment is coming, are you ready?  If you believe in your heart that Jesus if the Son of God and died on the cross for you and rose again.  Just say this prayer and He will come into your heart and live forever!  Dear Lord,  I’m a sinner, please forgive me of my sins, please come into my heart and save me today.  In Jesus name I pray,  Amen!  Congratulations, you are a new creature in Christ!  The angels in Heaven are singing!

If you don’t have a church home please join us for Sunday School at 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. worship.  Remember if you know Jesus, you know love.